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They say variety is the spice of life... and Club sesso definitely has something to offer everyone.

I went to club sesso the first time out of curiosity and all I can say is it far exceeded my expectations. I never thought a lifestyle club could have such a classy upscale atmosphere. They've definitely found the perfect balance of night club and sensuality. Weather I feel like being social at the bar with friends... having fun on the dance floor, or exploring my sexual side in a public area or private room I can do it all in this one amazing place.

Things that I can always count on sesso to be are... safe, clean, comfortable, and FUN!

Club Sesso has since become a regular part of my social lifestyle. I don't work there, I'm not a volunteer, I really just go because there is no other place like it, Club Sesso has brought something to Portland that no one else offers!
Everyone should take the opportunity to enjoy it!.

4/18/2010 -
Laura B. - Portland, OR



4/7/2010 - shea l. - Vancouver, WA


A wonderful, fun, safe place to have some great drinks, food, and socialize. A night club atmosphere, only better!

Unlike other lifestyle clubs, Sesso prides itself on being upscale and classy. Any night you can see men in nice button-down shirts, ladies in lingerie or even a dress with a strand of pearls.

They have something for everyone - romance, champagne, twisted night, lingerie, wet t-shirt night, even a Mardi Gras every month! It's impossible NOT to have fun at Club Sesso.

I'm truly impressed by their cleanliness and attention to detail. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and put people at ease. You don't have to be a swinger to come to Club Sesso. It's great to come, get away from the kids, dance, eat, and make a lot of noise!

Their prices are competitive, but a real bargain if you think: "Where else in Portland can I dance, have a great meal, do the naked pretzel AND have fresh chocolate chip cookies at midnight?

Only at Club Sesso!

3/30/2010 - Trumary S. - Everett, WA


Who knew that hogtying a young woman could be done so lovingly?  
I did not.
Now I do.

Who knew that there is a club downtown to which you can bring your personal collection of wooden kitchen spoons, at which you can hit people with said spoons and not be arrested or kicked out (as long as the spooned people have given you their blessing beforehand)?
I did not.
Now I do.  

Who knew that there is a bar in Portland where everybody knows your name...and your predilection for being ridden like a naughty show pony named Nancy?
I did not.
Now I do.

Who knew that there is a spot across the bridge where you can dance, dine, meet great people, shower, and have your cake and be eaten too, all for less money than a night at a Budget Inn?  No, really.  They have cake.
I did not.
Now I do.

Who knew that so many lovely kinky people congregated at Club Sesso on the second Thursday of every month?
I did not.
Now I do.

-  Rebecca L. - Portland, OR


So my husband and I have really loved going to this wonderful club! It is a great place for us to go hang out and dance, drink and play!
We haven't been in the lifestyle for very long, but going to this club makes us both feel sexy and really tuned into each other!
If you want to spice up your sex life, then you should come here! We love going and feeling the vibe of this club!
Where else can you go have a drink and see to hot girls dancing and kissing? We are pretty voyeuristic, and love to watch all of the really sexy things that happen at this club! Too many things to describe, but we love to watch people on the sex swing, or girls giving head at the orgy bar, or 2 girls playing with eachother...oh the list goes on and on and on.
If you are at all interested in seeing people who love to have sex, or if you are interested in being watched....this is the place to go! Hopefully one of these days we will get brave enough to be watched :-).
Every time we get a chance to go out, this is the place that we want to go! We are SO glad that they opened and we will keep going, every chance we get!

3/18/2010 - Aimee H. - Forest Grove, OR


I'm a chunky girl and I feel completely comfortable at Club Sesso. It feels like an upscale dance club, with bonus rooms to play in! There's a great vibe there. Fabulous drinks, a dance floor, awesome music, and a warm and inviting feel for the 25+ crowd. I feel out of place at other clubs downtown with the younger folks. I fit in here! The club does not discriminate. You will find people of all shapes, sizes, color, and ages.  Most people seem very welcoming and friendly to each other. Even if you don't get a chance to play, it's a great place to be!

The buffet is included with your door fee and the food is incredible!

- Kim M. - Vancouver, WA


Thank you for having a place where I can dance, drink, flirt and more in such a classy environment!! I don't dance well, but love that I can just do what feels good there and no one will judge me. Having a DJ keeping the dance floor moving is great!!
The food at Sesso is wonderful. Big hugs to the kitchen staff, especially for the fresh baked chocolate cookies. Where else can you get that at midnight?? PS...the ribs are great too *smile*
This club has everything you need. A sexy attitude, full bar, food buffet, plenty of approachable security staff, heated floors in the shower area, and being around others that enjoy a sexy atmosphere. Also where else can you sit topless at the bar and have a drink!!

3/17/2010 - Angie M. - Portland, OR


I have never been to another club that is quite like this one.  I would like to just list my three favorite things about the club, everyone is different but these are my favorite.
I love to dance!  My husband and I would argue about going out to a club to dance constantly.  He hated that because he didn't dance I would be left alone on the floor and it never failed that some creepy dude would come up and start harassing and trying to touch me.  So in the end we never went but maybe once a year.  Now that we have found this club I have been dancing almost every weekend till the early hours of morning.  There is an ask before you touch policy, security that can be easily seen from anywhere in the club, and plenty of sexy ladies for me to dance with that my husband feels comfortable letting me have my fun and dance the night away.
   My second favorite thing is kinda a tie between two things.  One would have to be the food.  When you get there there is a buffet with several tasty options, and then to make things even better you get breakfast some time after midnight.  But no that is not my favorite even though the food is to die for.... it is the chocolate chip cookies, (that are fresh baked), that come out at midnight that are my favorite.  After dancing, flirting, and having fun all night, those chocolate chip cookies are GREAT!  I would eat 80 of them if I could, having become friends with the wonderful chef who works there he could vouch that some nights I  try too :)   The thing that comes in close second to the cookies is the shower.  I love the shower with the heated tiles right outside it... all the towels I could ever want... shampoo... It is great.  Having spent most the night dancing you end up sweaty... I am not sure why all dance club don't have a shower because I feel so good after I shower knowing I can just crawl into bed at 4am and not be sweaty and smelly.
   My 3rd favorite thing about the club is that it has given me the ability to step out of my comfort box and try and explore things that I might not have ever done before.  It is a safe environment filled with people who are caring and understand about comfort zones and never push you out of them.   My husband and I had never "swung" before the club and had never thought of trying BDSM, etc.  I suppose of the reasons is that we are in our early 20's and haven't had much exposure to this.  We have attended almost every weekend since we first came in OCT of 2009.  We learn something new about ourselves and the different sexual kinks that are out there every weekend.   It is like we are on our very own sexploration.  None of that would have been possible with out this very unique and special club and the people who help it run.  
    I am hoping this review lets people know that even though it is a members only sex club... you don't have to be scared by that title, I know I was,  and it is completely worth trying.  You won't regret it.

3/17/2010 - Ashley N. - Portland, OR


Let me start by talking about my first night at Club Sesso, some time back in August 2009. I was a single lady, freshly out of a nasty marriage, ready to get back into the "swing" of things. Not looking for anything but some good times. I found out about the club and went to the website to do my research. I was as prepared as I was going to get, now I just needed to figure out what to wear. I went with a dress that I felt would be appropriately sexy. I arrived a little early knowing they did tours at 8:30-9pm on Friday and Saturday nights so I could check out the place before buying the membership. I got the tour, bought my membership immediately after, and then sat down at the bar just like any other night club. Because truly, the bar and dance floor area look and feel just like any other upscale nightclub in any town. There was no intimidating or sleezy feeling at all. I was welcomed by the staff and bartendars right away. I was made to feel very comfortable. After a drink or two, since I don't really dance even though they have a DJ and a dance floor, I went on to check out the food buffet. I just can't turn down complimentary food, and the food was fantastic. Much better then I would have expected. After snacking I decided to just kind of wander around and get familiar with the place. The couples lounge is very sultry and sensual. There are cabanas with just sheer curtains "covering" them, so when you with someone on one of the lovely suede lounge-like beds, you are around others who are also "playing", this is a very sexy idea and I liked it. Now I just needed to find someone to play with, well that wasn't terribly difficult. I did end up playing with a couple in a private room upstairs later that evening, and going home very satisfied. So satisfied that I came back the very next night (this was when they were open on Sundays instead of Wednesdays). The next night happened to have a racier theme "Gang Bang" night. I ended up meeting some more members this 2nd night and found myself playing with half a dozen guys and gals in the very public play space upstairs called the orgy bar. It was all over now lol. I had found my happy place.
Since that first night, I have been back EVERY weekend (except if I am out of town for some reason). My favorite highlights at Club Sesso are:
* it's very clean and safe, security are easy to find and are there to help if any problems occur, yet I have NEVER had any problems, they even walk single ladies to their car
* it is the only swinger's club I have ever heard of that has a full bar
* the food buffet rocks! on Friday and Saturday nights they even bring out breakfast at around 1am, not to mention the homemade warm chocolate chip cookies at around midnight that I still get excited about
* the showers are awesome, they have multiple heads and the tiles in the locker/shower area are heated, so on those nights that I have had a lot of sweaty fun, I just hop in the shower to get clean before I go home and pass out
* and of course my home away from home, the orgy bar, Club Sesso's warm, safe and inviting environment has really shown me how much of an exhibitionist side I truly have, and the orgy bar area is perfect for that, I love having group sex in front of a dozen people, just something special about it that I can't seem to find anywhere else, this of course isn't for everyone, but us exhibitionists need voyeurs to enjoy ourselves so it all works out
* the members and staff rock, I have made many friends at Club Sesso, some of which I regularly hang out with outside of the club nowadays, it's hard to find new friends with similar interests for me usually, especially since I am new to Oregon in general and have unique interests, but the club gives me this special gift, a place to find new friends I have had so many fantasies come true at Club Sesso and I know I have made a few come true for others as well. There is nowhere else in the world like it that I have found. I know I will be a member for as long as Club Sesso is around, so let's keep this party going!!

3/17/2010 - Jessica E. - Beaverton, OR


I have only been to a few swing clubs but this seemed to be the classiest one by a long shot.  Nice building in a nice area with modern interiors.  The tall ceilings on the dance floor extended up to the second floor balcony which was great for people watching.  The club did not fill up on a Saturday night until about 11pm, but by then there were probably around 150 people.  The guests ranged from 25-60 years of age, mostly professionals, but most of the people were probably in their 30's and 40's.  The staff was very attentive, from the friendly and talkative hosts to the security guards that would open the doors for you with a smile, and cleaning crew who would appear out of nowhere to pickup your empty glasses/ bottles.

A membership is mandatory to enter the club, but you can can sign up for a membership on the spot.  They had me sign a multi-page document but the terms on the contract seemed fair.  They also had strict rules of conduct that I really appreciate, especially since I am a mostly a voyeur and not ready to touch or be touched by others.  The drink selection was excellent, including ultra light beers and various small bottles of champagne which most clubs don't usually carry - I even saw what looked like methuselah bottles of Perrier Jouet behind the bar.

The host was an older lady who took me on a tour of the establishment and explained the club to me.  They had play areas on both floors, and some of the private rooms had (do not disturb) doors and no windows, while the less private rooms had windows with curtains which you could adjust for full/partial privacy.  There was also a spectator's area with one bed in the center of a room which was surrounded by a bar with many stools.  There was also another beautifully appointed lounge/play area with 6 or so mini futon type lounges.  The lighting in the lounge was romantic and subdued, not overly bright, dark or red.  They also had small lockers you can use as well as shower areas that supposedly had heated floors.  All the women's lounges came equipped with everyday grooming products.

They had a dining area with a few tables and two white tall intimate booths.  Though I was not ready for it, the self-serve buffet came as a pleasant surprise with fresh oysters on ice, melons wrapped in prosciutto, chicken terriyaki, chicken kebabs, barbecue pork chops, fresh fruit medley with strawberries, assorted cheeses, meats, spreads and crackers.  The food also never seemed to run out so maybe they were constantly replenishing it.  Maybe around 1 or 2 am, breakfast also came as another nice surprise, with scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage links, sausage gravy, potato wedges etc.  The food reminded me of Denny's.  After a few hours of drinking and dancing, I definitely worked up an appetite.  The guests are all super friendly and not afraid to come up to you to start a conversation.  And although I did not meet anyone that I was particularly attracted to that night, everyone was very polite and made me feel right at home.

  - Lisa B. - Portland, OR


This is a members only, or guest of members, sex club, and it charges a long term membership fee along with a nightly admission charge that varies dependent upon the theme of the evening and whether you are a couple, single man (most expensive) or single woman (least expensive). It is a unique experience so I do not find the fees to be excessive, in addition to the fact that the club serves free two meals each evening and fantastic cookies at midnight. On the upside, it is a large, clean, well-maintained facility with lots of options regarding how public and kinky you want your evening to be. On the most public end of the spectrum, you can have sex, etc. in the orgy space upstairs, which even has a bar around it for the spectators and at the other extreme, you can have sex in one of the many private rooms, which have doors with locks and you can even close the curtains to the windows for complete privacy. There are also many options between these two extremes for those of us who like to toy with exhibitionism, but have not gone off the deep least not yet. Therefore, I would say the main "pros" of the club would be: the good facility, the free food, cheap drinks (on certain nights there are even some free drinks), and the ability to be exhibitionistic at your own level of comfort. Now to the con and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5...while I am not a voyeur, my boyfriend is, and I have to admit that many of the people who show up are not the sort of people who should be having sex in public. I am sure everyone is going to hate me for saying this, but perhaps you should hit the gym first. Please do not let this comment discourage any of you other hot people from joining because we are desperately wanting more of our kind to show up.

- Dawn M. - Portland, OR


I am constantly in awe over how this club just keeps getting better and better. It opened in June 2009 and while it already had a good following, now it is amazing to see more people each night! My husband and I go there often. For us, it is the best place for our entertainment dollars. There is a full bar with GREAT bartenders, large dance floor, ample seating, a full buffet that keeps stocked all night long from an excellent chef. There are private rooms downstairs and upstairs. Doors and windows can be kept open or closed. Each room has a King Size bed. Many of the rooms have connecting doors if you want to have access to others playing nearby. Downstairs id the couples lounge which is reserved for couples and single women only. Once inside is an oasis of areas to relax, separated by sheer curtains. Also downstairs is a great shower area with heated floors, fluffy towels and lockers (bring your own lock). Upstairs is the Orgy Bar where on any given night you are apt to see just about anything. One of the rooms has a Swing in it and that always has adventurous people in there. One thing I really like is that people are not uptight. The people that attend the club are obviously sexually open minded, but respectful. NO always means NO and if there are any questions regarding that the staff are right there as well as the security guards who walk the club to insure that all feel safe. Many people come there for the charged environment, and to watch, while others are there to be watches and have fantasies fulfilled... It is whatever you want it to be. So, to recap, yes there is a membership fee, and yes there is a door fee... but I don't know where else you could go and get the total experience that Club Sesso offers. For all the details on the pricing visit their website;

- Diane F. - Vancouver, WA


Everything an Adult Lifestyle Club should be. Every business in Portland should have ownership that cares as much about their customers concerns and comfort.

- Rob F.- Vancouver, WA


So my wife and I finally took the plunge and got a 3 month membership.  We decided to go to the in-by-ten party, where if you get there by 10pm admission is half-price.  I figured this would be a good party to get our feet wet since we were sure there would be lots of people to take advantage of the 1/2 off price.   We get there right at 9pm, and there weren't many people there.   No biggie, we figure people may have deeper pockets than we do and will come later so we sat at the bar.   I have read other reviews where people went for the first time and everybody treated them like regulars and were warm and inviting.   We probably sat at the bar for over an hour and besides me saying hello to a few people ordering drinks, no one approached us with any conversation except the bartenders.  It kinda seemed like the regulars all knew each other and kind of stayed to themselves.   Maybe since my wife and I aren't swingers.....we didn't give off the "Come play with my wife/husband" people probably figured why waste their time and talk with us.   LOL.   Plus I can be a little shy anyway, so it was probably just my own issues and next time we will be more "friendly" to everyone.   (What was strange though, as soon as I went to the bathroom and left my wife alone at the bar, this guy tried to hit on her.   I mean, I know what kind of place this is and all, but I thought it was rude that he would wait till I leave.   I mean I don't know how the swinging lifestyle really works, but I'm pretty sure the standard approach would be to talk to both the man and the woman if you want them to share....but I digress.)

So by 10:30pm more people had come in, but it still seemed kinda empty.    So went and checked out the couples lounge.   Now the couples lounge definitely gets five stars.  Each bed in the room is separated by a sheer red curtain so while it has a sense of privacy, you can see what everybody is doing.   It was such a turn-on watching the other couples less than 3 feet away getting it on, and knowing that we were being watched as well.

So what I really wanted to check out was the orgy bar.   So we eventually made our way up there.   I was expecting a lot more action to be up there, but nothing was really going on.  There was ONE couple on the big bed, and about 4 or 5 single guys sitting watching.
There was this one guy who was walking around with his "schlong" just hanging out of his pants, like he was waiting for somebody to just
come up and grab it...hehe.   We saw that some of the rooms upstairs were occupied, but they had the door closed so you couldn't really see what was going in.    So the orgy bar being a big disappointment, we headed back downstairs.    We've heard the orgy bar is packed on GangBang night, so we'll have to check that out one Friday.

We went to one of the rooms downstairs and we had some more fun with each other.  We left the curtain on the door open so people could watch us as they walked by, so that was great.   We finished up the night by having dinner and then we left a little after midnight.  I think my wife and I were both a little disappointed in our night but we couldn't quite put our finger on why we felt that way.  I think I figured out that I had built this place up so much in my head that I expected it to be more wild with more people.  My wife says she feels the same way.
Now it could've been many things, it could've been that it was a Friday night and people were tired from work, maybe we didn't give off a friendly vibe....who knows.    I'm not gonna hold it against Club Sesso because our disappointment is probably more our fault than anything else.  My wife summed it nicely...where else for $25 could we have had dinner, and then had sex twice with strangers all around us and watching.  When you put it that way, it was a pretty good night.  So we intend on checking out the Club on a Saturday night to see if it's any different before I change my rating.

10/16/2009 - DandA T. - Beaverton, OR


Club Sesso is an amazing place. This is an upscale club for open minded people. I find the social atmosphere alone to be far better than that of a normal nightclub. So many plush's to it. The food is great and it is a welcoming clean environment. The staff does everything they can to make you feel comfortable. I have been to conventions and clubs in other places such as New Orleans and Las Vegas and Club Sesso stands out among them all. The club brings something to Portland that we are ready for. Friday and Saturdays are amazing at the club. I also was there on Halloween and New Years Eve and it was unbelievable. being still a fairly new club in Portland I look forward to spending more time there and watching it grow.I highly recommend Club Sesso to anyone who has an interest.

3/5/2010 - Jimmy V. - Portland, OR


Portland finally has a very appealing, comfortable Consenting-Adults-Only nightclub that elevates the experience above "Hotel Shabby Chic." The food is excellent, the drinks are top-notch, the playspaces are well-kept and the place itself is comfortable and classy. We have attended since the beginning and have yet to be disappointed by the building, the staff or the crowd. The crowd tends to the HWP late 20's-early 40's, with lots of eye candy. Plenty to watch, plenty of playspaces, even a Swing Room! The only drawback is that we can't attend every weekend. This is a welcome addition to the adult business community of Portland. Plus, it boasts Portland's only erotic art gallery, with showings on First Thursdays.

If you are in the Lifestyle or curious about the Lifestyle, it is worth checking out.

3/2/2010 -  Sensual P. - Portland, OR


It's simple, Club Sesso raised the bar and built a world class swingers club in Portland Oregon. For those single men who complain about the prices and areas of the club that are for couples only, this is the reason Club Sesso is a great club. They welcome people with class and they quickly get rid of those who treat it like creepy meat market. If you don't like Club Sesso it's probably because you don't fit into the upscale sexy crowd that attends.

3/2/2010 - Haley N.- Vancouver, WA


Well we made our first visit to Club Sesso on couples night. We happen to not be the lifestyle but we were curious about the club. $40.00 for a 3 month membership and $60.00 for the two of us for the night. No problem with the fees. The employee lady that gave us a tour of the premises was nice and explained how everything works completely. There were lots of tours going on through the night. You walk into the bar/dance floor area. Not a huge area with not so great seating but it was a fun atmosphere non the less. Great drinks, people enjoying the music, lights, pretty gals dancing. I was very pleased with the quality of the food on the buffet line. Food was available all night with breakfast coming out after midnight. It would be very easy to throw some sub par buffet grub on the line but it was much better than that. No need for dinner that night before going to the club. We like the general layout of the club, the couples lounge sofa type beds separated by only sheer red curtains. The rooms were done nicely, windows to leave uncovered or cover with drapes if you desire. No ceilings on these rooms so you can hear what is going on in rooms next to yours. Cleans sheets available for each use after sanitizing. These rooms are the venue we took advantage of. It was fun and somewhat of a turn on listening to others around you. One down side I would say is no alcohol allowed in dining or room areas. You can only enjoy your drinks in the bar area. OK, a couple of our expectations that were not met. Dress code. We would have liked to see a stricter code of apparel. We saw folks with game jersey's, sweat shorts, barefoot and T shirts. Most were dressed fine but a few seems to drag the rest down just by being there. One such dressed was even an employee. We were hoping for a higher level of acceptable dress for entry. Now for what seemed a bit on the seedy side. Employees spending time leering through windows and watching the orgy bar. There were also employees participating in the orgy bar activities. For us this did not seem good practice for a "high end" sex club and made it seem not quite as classy as we had hoped and anticipated. All in all we will go back, maybe with not as high expectations. It was fun, interesting and definitely worth the money. But I think they are missing the boat by having something with a real touch of class.

2/9/2010  - M G. - White Salmon, WA


The best in Portland. Paul (the owner) always makes sure everyone has the best time possible.

10/22/2009 -  Olga A. - Washington, OR


The club is filling a void in the "Lifestyle" scene: a good place to play, watch or be watched, without a creepy vibe to it. The staff seems to be very attuned to keeping out problem people and keeping the customers happy. Nice mix of ages and body types, not overwhelmed by extreme ends. Good food, serves alcohol, members-only. Beautiful art on the walls, really feels upscale. Private rooms, lots of opportunity to watch of be watched, very comfortable. Weekly parties cater to all types, so you should be able to find something here to cater to your interests. Don't bother looking for something illegal here, it's all above-board.

10/11/2009 - Noneof Y. - Portland, OR


Portland now features it's own downtown sex and sin club, Club Sesso, hidden innocently behind a non-descript downtown location in SW, this little gem is the voyeur's dream of sensual people mingling and observing/displaying their own kinks in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.  Everyone we ran into was nice, I mean everyone!  Setting the tone you could see people trying to make the evening blossom.  Arriving, one gets through the front door and is drawn into the dance floor bar area.  This was our only really dissatisfaction.  The old Ace Club in SE had a discreet dance floor where exhibitionism/voyeurism was allowed to flourish, this dance floor is a little TOO public, but it's not a show stopper.  The couple's lounge is a new addition that somewhat makes up for it.  Nice sofas line this room and couples are allowed to play on all surfaces, while single women and couples are the only one's allowed past the red gauze drapery.  As the old Ace did, Sesso provides a more than adequate buffet with tastey bite type foods, even having a great Greek platter toward the end of the evening AND a dessert tray, making the door and membership fees seem quite reasonable.  Many assorted rooms allow attendees the chance to be as private or as public as desired.  The owners have really refined their formula, and have adapted it to a major metro downtown area.  At the moment, they do have a liquor license, but only for beer and wine, water and condoms flow freely, and, accepting the realities of the need for security, the staff seems well trained and very pleasant.  The only other things worth mentioning are the lack of pool tables, which we find is a great ice breaker, and the lack of hot tubs, for the same reason.  Having said that, we were spoiled by the owner's previous location having those amenities, and honestly, I don't think anyone coming in off the street for the first time would probably notice either of those items' absence.  The owners have worked hard and I think have a hit on their hands, a refreshing change from stale nightclub activity in this part of the country.  The Saturday night that we attended was a benefit for breast cancer awareness and the cover was higher than usual and the place was packed wall to wall!  Continue on we say---we'll watch from the corner!

8/16/2009 - Richard K. - Portland, OR