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Gallery Sesso


Mission Statement

Gallery Sesso (which means “sex” in Italian) is a community-building multidisciplinary arts and social space for adults. At Gallery Sesso, our vision is to create a sex-positive environment to showcase a variety of creative works from local, regional, national, and world-renowned artists and photographers who push the envelope of erotic interpretations through various mediums.  Our mission is to produce a world-class experience and be recognized as "Portland's Ultimate Destination for Erotic and Alternative Lifestyle Art". 

Currently with over 100 pieces of artwork that stimulates more than just the eyes, we produce at least 12 new shows a year.  In the first 6 months, Gallery Sesso has featured works from more than 10 different artists.  What makes Gallery Sesso unique is that we not only help promote artists, but we also DO NOT take any commissions or fees from any artwork sold.

Each First Thursday of every month we open our doors to the general public for an artist reception and Erotic Art Show featuring new artwork for that month.  This serves as an excellent opportunity to come view various artwork that may be a bit risque for a traditional gallery and discuss them with the artists and other guests.  Complimentary champagne, appetizers and a polished night club envrionment help build that upscale experience.  During the rest of the month, Gallery Sesso is open exclusively for private members of Club Sesso (a lifestyle night club).  Attendance throughout the month range from 1,500 - 2,000 visitors.

At Gallery Sesso our goal is to empower the artist, the viewer, and the community by creating a safe, sex-positive space to explore all art forms of sexuality.


  • Produced 11 First Thursday shows in the past 12 months
  • Featured more than 18 artists
  • Displayed over 800 pieces of Artwork since gallery opening
  • Averaged 100+ attendees per show with a high of 250.



Over 100+ pieces of artwork at Gallery Sesso is spread throught the first floor of the 7,500 square foot space in various different sections.