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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is Club Sesso?

A:  Club Sesso is an upscale, high-energy swingers (lifestyle) nightclub located in Portland, Oregon.

Q:   How do I attend Club Sesso events?

A:  Club Sesso is a private, members-only club.  Attendees must be either members or guests of members.  For further information, please see our  membership page.

Q:  Do I have to participate in sexual activity?

A:  Absolutely not.  We never require participation…it’s ok if you keep your clothes on and just watch.  It’s your body, and it’s your right to choose how and with whom you share it.  We have a small but strictly-enforced set of rules in place to guarantee that this right is always respected: 1) Ask before you touch, 2) Ask once and only once, 3) ”No Thank You” means “NO”, 4) Treat everyone with dignity and respect, 5) Don’t stalk or follow anyone around the club, and 6) Do not make others feel uncomfortable.  If at any time you feel that another member has caused you discomfort in violation of these rules, please feel free to ask one of our staff to assist you in remedying the situation.

Q:  Is Club Sesso clean?

A:  We believe that clean is sexy. A professional cleaning service cleans and sanitizes the club after each event.  Our mattresses are rubberized, preventing absorption and allowing us to thoroughly sanitize them between uses.  Our carpets are shampooed frequently, and our bathroom & showers are kept spotless. We keep plenty of professionally-laundered clean sheets and towels on hand during our parties for everyone’s convenience and hygiene.

Q:  Is Club Sesso safe?

A:  We have highly visible staff present throughout the club during all of our events.  Our staff maintains this high level of visibility in order to ensure your comfort and enjoyment.  Feel free to bring any concerns to their attention.

Q:  Is Club Sesso discreet?

A:  We understand the demand for our members’ discretion.  We do require that each member present his or her true identification upon joining so that we can verify the membership and age.  Your personal information is kept confidential.

Q:  How many people attend Club Sesso events?

A:  Our events draw from 100 to 300 people, depending on the day of the week & theme of the event.

Q:  Do you allow single men to attend Club Sesso events?

A:  We do accept select single men as members.  Some events do not restrict their attendance, while other events do.  We also have couples-only events.  Please see our event calendar.

Q:  What is the age of Club Sesso members?

A:  Our minimum age is 21.  Our median age is 35.  The age range of the crowd is typically early 20’s to late 50’s.  We find that having a diverse age range helps everyone find people with whom they have something in common.

Q:  What is the body-shape of Club Sesso members?

A:  As with the age range, we welcome a diverse body-shape crowd.  Our members range from petite to plus-size.  Our only requirement regarding body image is that you must practice a high level of personal hygiene.

Q:  What sexual orientation are Club Sesso members?

A:  We accept and encourage all sexual orientations to attend Club Sesso and explore their sexuality in a healthy way.  Over 50% of our members fall into the category of bisexual.

Q:  What does Club Sesso do to promote safe sex?

A:  Condoms are provided free of charge and are located throughout the club.  We strongly encourage everyone to use them.

Q:  I am a single woman. Will I be comfortable at Club Sesso?

A:  Our staff is happy to accommodate any special requests you have.  We are even happy to walk you to and from your car if you let us know.

Q:  Does Club Sesso have a dress code?

A:  While we want people to be comfortable, we do have a dress code.  Our experience has shown that people have more fun when they dress to impress and are around others who do the same.  Our dress code is simple and comfortable for most people.  For more detailed information, please see our dress code section.

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