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Club Rules

The purpose of our club rules is to ensure that our guests enjoy a fun, comfortable, respectful experience.  Our rules are strictly and fairly enforced; please report any issues to any Club Sesso staff member.  Failure to comply with club rules is grounds for suspension or revocation of your Club Sesso membership.  Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior. 

  • No Cell Phone Use (including texting or swapping phone numbers)
  • Ask Before You Touch - Ask Once and Only Once
  • No Means No
  • Do Not Stalk People
  • Treat Everyone with Dignity and Respect
  • Do Not Open Closed Doors or Curtains
  • Do Not Interrupt Others
  • Do Not Be Creepy
  • Do Not Masturbate Outside Play Areas
  • Clean Up Your Own Mess
  • Use Common Sense!

    Club Tours: Friday & Saturday 8:30pm - 9:00pm
         If you don't have fun at Club Sesso, your next visit is on us. Click banner for details.