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Dress Code

Often our first attraction to a person is how they dress…how they present themselves to others’ whom they wish to attract attention. Club Sesso insists that your attire be fitting for the Club Sesso experience. We enthusiastically suggest that you dress as if you are going on a date...dress to impress!

Our dress code serves as a means to increase the positive experience of all Club Sesso members. We feel that it is important to `dress to impress' while at Club Sesso. While we understand that the clothes we wear are very personal choices, we also understand the clothes that a person wears has a direct impact on those around them as well. Choosing a zero-tolerance policy on dress code poses a few obstacles for staff and members. Therefore, in some areas of our dress code we will engage a more relaxed policy based on overall appearance.

It is not uncommon to find blue jeans on patrons dining on $100 steak dinners in Portland…we are a casual-dress city. Therefore, our policy in essence states that all clothing must be clean, tidy, and free of unintentional rips and tears and must fit the person in flattering manner. Differentiating between a $300 pair of torn designer jeans and a $30 pair of garage-torn Levi's poses its own challenges. Therefore, I have given our doorpersons the discretion to make the determination. Much of that discretion will be based on the presentation of the jeans. Are they worn with upscale shoes, is a dress belt present, is the shirt also upscale…does the overall appearance of the `outfit' compliment the persons appearance.

Fashionable style t-shirts may be worn at Club Sesso.  Examples of acceptable t-shirts would be fashion brands such as: Abercrombie & Fitch, Ed Hardy, etc. Unacceptable t-shirts include shirts such as: concert shirts, shirts with ‘funny’ sayings, shirts that advertise alcohol, vacation spots, radio stations, etc.

We also recognize there is expensive upscale and stylish athletic type of shoes which when matched with the appropriate clothing fit our overall dress code goals. We do not allow white or light colored running style or tennis shoes at Club Sesso. All athletic style shoes must be brown or black.  Examples of non-acceptable shoes: typical white running-style shoes, basketball style shoes, foam/plastic style flip-flops, work style boots, or any footwear that is dirty, overly worn, or generally unsafe or out of character for the club environment.

Shorts are part of summer and hot weather.  Ladies may wear sexy shorts that are appropriate for an upscale club experience.  Men may not wear shorts, regardless of style.

Hats or head-coverings may not be worn at Club Sesso. This includes sports hats, cowboy hats, bandanas, etc.  Religious and medically necessary head-coverings are welcome.

As we often have new members who are unfamiliar with our dress code, I have given our doorpersons leeway in making judgment calls on dress code. We recognize that there are times when it is reasonable to make an exception, i.e. a person's first visit to the club and they are unaware of our dress code, yet their overall appearance fits within a reasonable scope of being a positive addition to the club…in that case our doorpersons may allow a one-time exception for the guest and explain the dress code to them for their future visits.

Our goal is not to limit a person's expression or ability to have fun at Club Sesso; quite the opposite, we feel our dress code increases the overall experience for most members and increase the opportunities for a person to have fun. Our compass of common sense recognizes there is a time place and manner for waiving the standard dress code, i.e. our Twisted party that is heavily themed as a `kink – fetish' night.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recommended Dress:

Gentlemen:  Casual Slacks, Designer Jeans, Button Down Shirt, Pull-Over Collared Shirt, Dress Shoes, Designer Boots or Upscale Modern Comfort Shoes.

Ladies:  Sexy, Flirty, Sassy!…Skirts, Slacks, Designer Jeans, Booty Shorts, Lingerie, Dresses, Blouses, Halters, Hose & Heels, Sexy Toes & Flats, Thighs & Boots...whatever makes you feel sexy & sassy.

Theme Events – We encourage people to have fun with their dress. We have some events where you can forget about the normal dress code. An example would be our Twisted Party, an event catering to those who enjoy things a bit bound, tortured, titillated, and tormented. Break out the fetish wear for this party. 



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