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Like many members-only organizations, Club Sesso has similar membership structure.  Volunteerism at Club Sesso provides a benefit to all club members in that it reduces the operational costs of the club which in turn reduce the membership and door fees to the members.  Volunteering is designed to give people the opportunity to further their understanding, knowledge, and hands-on customer service experience within lifestyle.  As volunteer, you will be an important part of Team Sesso, interacting with members, guests and staff in providing assistance in the operational aspects of Club Sesso. This is a great opportunity to not only further your knowledge of behind-the-scenes aspects of Club Sesso and customer service, but also meet new friends.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Female Advisory Committee (FAC) – Female Advisory Committee members serve on the FAC board for a period of 3-months.  This committee consists of approximately 12 female Club Sesso members who meet once per month to discuss operational matters from a female point of view.  FAC members are tasked with seeking out the voice of the female Club Sesso members, gathering feedback, marketing, and other tasks related to measuring customer satisfaction.


  • Tour Hosts – Tour Hosts are often the first point of contact for new or potential Club Sesso members. As a tour host, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with new, existing, and potential club members. This is a critical customer service position where first impressions are important.  You will provide the initial tour of the club to new members and their guests, as well as explain the etiquette and rules of the club.  Additionally you will answer questions and introduce new members and their guests to other Team Sesso members.  As a tour host you are often the first person that new members and their guests form a bond with, as such, you will find yourself surrounded with new friends and the person whom people often turn to for assistance.


  • Floor Hosts – Floor Hosts & Guest Services spend the their time interacting with club members and guests, ensuring the club is kept clean and tidy, answering questions, refilling supplies, assisting other staff, and monitoring club activities. You are our eyes and ears of the club, often being the first to see or hear both compliments and complaints. As such, you are important enablers for ensuring Club Sesso members are receiving excellent customer service.  You have an immediate and direct impact on resolving customer satisfaction issues and are the forefront of ensuring that every club member and their guests have fun at Club Sesso. You must poses exceptional interpersonal communication skills and an ability to treat even the most offensive person with dignity and respect.


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